What Our Customers Are Saying:

Truly Life Changing For My Daughter!


“My daughter was so sad when she found out she had to wear a brace. I gave her a Higgy Bear on the way to get her first brace. Her whole attitude changed, and she was so excited that her Higgy Bear was going to look just like her. She has a Higgy Bear for every brace she’s ever had, and is always so excited when our doctor tells her it’s time for a new brace because she knows she’ll get a new Higgy Bear, too. Truly life changing for my daughter!” -Kathy

Much More Brace Complaint!


“Absolutely fabulous!! The brace matches my daughter’s perfectly! Thank you for a wonderful product that truly helps. My daughter dresses her American Girl doll in her brace after we put hers on. She is definitely much more compliant with her brace wearing!” Amy 


So Happy With Her Higgy Bear!


“My daughter is so happy with her new Higgy Bear and brace for her American Girl Doll. They are adorable. Last night was the first time in ages that my daughter didn’t complain when it was time to put on her brace. She made sure both bear and doll had their braces on before bedtime. This morning she took them all off and dressed them for school. Life changing!!” -Melissa

It's A Hit!


“It’s a hit!! Thank you so much! I almost cried, because she ran to go put on her brace as soon as she got her Higgy Bear. It’s the cutest thing and you just made this mom’s day!” – Sally A.


Higgy Bear Is Making A Huge Difference!


“I heard Julia talking to her bear, telling her that she knows wearing a brace is hard, but she can do it! So special! Higgy Bear is making a huge difference!” Elissa


She Absolutely Loves Him!


“Keira received her Higgy Bear for Christmas, and absolutely loves him! She brings him to every appointment, and has even brought him to school to explain to her class why she needs to wear her brace. This little bear has made such a huge difference in her life!” -Meghan

Her Doll Was Just Diagnosed!


“We ordered this for my 10 year olds American Girl Doll and we LOVE it! She wanted to put it on as soon as it arrived and she said her doll was “just diagnosed” that day! To see her have something so unique to her was a special moment in our house! You will not be disappointed with this purchase!!”- Heather 

Higgy Bear Is Her New Best Friend!


“Zoe got her Higgy Bear today! She was SO excited!! She said her bear gets to take his brace off for four hours just like her. Then she took it off and pretended the bear was scratching his itches, just like she always does when hers comes off! So cute! She named her bear “Turtle” and right now is taking him around the house to introduce him to everything. Hggy Bear is her new best friend” –Nicole 

Makes This So Much Easier!


“Thank you so much for the wonderful brace to match my daughter’s! Not only was the orthotist very impressed with it, my daughter is in love! It has made this SO much easier to have her doll, Isabelle, in a brace just like hers.” -Michelle

Went Above and Beyond!

 "Lauren went above ad beyond to make this bear perfect for my 8 year old and to make sure it arrived on time. This is her third day wearing her brace and having her "julie" bear has made a very scary time a little less scary! Thank you so much Lauren!" -Jessica

Forever Grateful!


"My daughter absolutely loved the bear with the brace and the brace for her doll. It helped to make her big day so much more comfortable and special! Best thing ever! Awesome product, customer service, and so much more. Thank you, and we are forever grateful!!" -Lisa

Absolutely Priceless!

"The look on my daughter's face when she opened her gift was absolutely priceless. She was so excited that her doll had the same brace she had. Thank you so much for providing such a loving and caring item for children with scoliosis!"-Jennifer